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Allentown the vanishing?

The land of the dead...sinking underneath the crust of the earth.. Living there in Allentown.. and all the land is giving out.

Billy Joel had a hit song about Allentown decades ago.. a whole new tune may need to be written if rumors, which are rampant online, turn out to be true: Allentown is sinking?

What we do know is that a sinkhole has developed in an historic cemetery in the city. Officials say a water main break is to blame--along with a year of saturation with constant rainstorms and flooding.

But the more interesting part comes around when you search out, as one YouTube user did, just where this sinking is occurring: Directly next to the site of a major gas line explosion in 2010.

So sayseth the rumor: The center of the town is sinking because of massive earth changes--changes which caused the gas line to rupture and now the ground to give way under the feet of Allentownians. 

While the premise sounds far fetched it also raises eyebrows when you consider proximity of where the ground is buckling.. The focal point being the center of town.. next to where a gas line did actually rupture a year back.

Sinkholes have been in the news for several years now. Dramatic photos of dark openings that look as though they go to the center of the earth itself have been published all across the world. 

Watching this one closely.. I am after all relatively close to it, anyway.


  1. I doubt the town is sinking. I live in Allentown. The problems are very minor. I think people living on the outside all over the world hears of a sinkhole and assumes an entire town vanishes. This is not Thailand, or other places where this happens. I still think it could eventually be a problem but it is no where near what some of these crazy you tube videos are saying.

    Keep up the good work on this site.


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