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Dumbest product of 2011

A late year decision occurred: The pajama jeans were dumb in 2011 until I saw this: The Forever Lazy.

For the nudist in you.. or the person who still wants to be a child.. Pajamas with feet. 

The ad paints a good picture.. you can drink coffee, type on the computer.. open Christmas gifts. Even go to a tailgating party before a football game. All in your forever lazy. 

Although I don't know how much respect you'd get in a football parking lot wearing a full body pajama set. 

But there may be something to this Forever Lazy frenzy.. could it be a sign that we, as Americans, are nothing but children in our mind? Childlike culture? Stay forever young... delusional that we are young but aging before ourselves in the mirror? I don't know.

Forever Lazy. A sign of the times or an exceptionally dumb blip on the radar. Time will decide.



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