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Predictions for 2012

The Earth Informer.. not the prognosticator of prognosticators.. but neither is that little groundhog.. so if he could try it, so could I. 

The predictions for 2012. Hold me to them. We'll check in '13 how well this site did in its psychic ability to foretell future events before they occur.

  • Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. Newt Gingrich will crash. Ron Paul will run as a third party... but won't be a major factor. Barack Obama will be the president for the next four years after his victory in November 2012.
  • North Korea will launch missiles to threaten the United States. Kim Jong Il dead.. Un here. Ugh.
  • The tension in the Middle East will dramatically escalate in 2012. Iran, Israel.. Syria.. No nation will appear stable.
  • Lots of people will begin to think the end times are upon us. Not only due to the Mayan calender end in December 2012 but because of strange world events
  • Gas prices will soar.
  • The stock market will have major upticks and downward crashes. 
  • Unemployment claims will continue to fall.. Maybe to 8% or lower. But the real unemployment number will surge into the 30% range. The economy will look like it's recovery but it will not.
Am I a downer? Or a fine predictor or the future.
Check in January 2013 and find out.
If we are still here.............



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