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The person of the year

TIME magazine made their choice: They picked 'the protester' as the person of the year. I agree with TIME in a degree, that may be the most important 'type' of person... it's broad, yes. And nameless, sure. But we are all protesters in some degree..

In my estimation, though, the person of the year is one sole human being... and no one besides a few in higher rankings of the government even knows the name of the person of the year. The man (or potentially woman) who shot Osama Bin Laden during the spring time raid in Pakistan. That, indeed, is the person of the year.. they changed history...

Controversy aside.. whether it was right or wrong aside.. it surely was the most dramatic event in geo political affairs of 2011. And one person is responsible for that final shot. Either in the back of the head ...or the front... 



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