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How many people bought their golden ticket?

The odds are better that you will turn into a pink skunk and get knocked down by a barrel carrying Popeye's ashes, but don't let that stop you.. Tonight's Mega Million drawing is going to be historic: Half a billion dollars up for grabs.

You can own a small nation..island.. bail out an auto company if you so desire.. Your life would change forever. Gone along with the poverty and debt would be your privacy.. But again, don't let that stop you.

Someone is bound to win. Maybe not the person who mortgaged the house to buy tickets.. and maybe not the one that borrowed $1000 to buy 1000 tickets.. But someone's got to win. Just because you won't? Well, don't let that stop you.

It certainly didn't stop me. My one ticket is right next to my TV.
If I win, you may not be earth-informed again. At least not from this one. And if you are, it will be a really rich Earth Informer...

But don't let that stop you.



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