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Hundreds of residents go to Clintonville WI town hall

Could it be the temperatures? Record high temps may have affecting some soil underneath the city of Clintonville, WI.. this information was relayed to the town hall that had hundreds in attendance..

The theory on temperatures has been mentioned before as a possible explanation to the strange noises keeping residents of Clintonville (and now some other towns too) awake in the early morning hours .. The notion that less snow and more warmth, and now the record heat wave taking place across the nation and Wisconsin, is leading to ground changes that are causes dramatic noises like the ones being heard (and felt) by townspeople..

While most are shaken by the tremors, authorities at the town hall continued to ensure that the occurrences are all natural. Many across the world are on edge after months of 'noises' and strange sounds all over the globe.

Wild theories persist about Clintonville.. UFOs.. the end times.. big megaquake coming.

Or all natural?



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