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All that shaking.. rattling.. and rolling

Ohio saw several mini earthquakes that some have tied to natural gas drilling. Other areas in the United States has also seen shaking where blasting has taken place. Some even attribute last year's big Mid-Atlantic quake that was felt all the way to Canada on some type of explosives in the ground or drilling.

And now this: US government scientists are now stating that "almost certainly" the recent uptick in United States earthquakes can be blamed on one source: Fracking. Just another albatross tied around the neck of the controversial method of extracting natural gas from the ground.

USGS researchers report that midsection seismic activity averaged about 20 a year until the year 2000. In 2011, there were 134 instances of shaking..

The quakes are "fairly small," as they report. But they are  numerous. And when they strike the area not used to seeing them, they are quite alarming. Last year's East Coast rattle unnerved millions of people, caused the National Monument to crack, and forced evacuations of almost all government buildings, both state and federal, across the affected region of the United States. It was a big deal--without life or much limb being hurt.. but a big deal nonetheless.

And now all of this because of fracking? Does it make you wonder what other dangers lurk in our near future? if fracking can do this.. what are we doing to the actual inside of the earth..?
Could this be why Kiev has groaned? Why Clintonville WI moaned? Why the earth's trumpets are blazing with hornlike sounds all over the planet? I don't know. No one does. But the USGS experts are at least a little closer to telling us why so many earthquakes seem to be taking place all over the world..



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