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All the trouble in the world: Korean Peninsula edition

Planes diverted to avoid North Korean rocket launch

And there is more..
And as far as the threat from new leader Kim in the North, what is the real truth on the rocket launch possibility? Experts seem to agree that it is not being launched for what North Korea claims it will be, a pure satellite to monitor forests and weather patterns. .. 

The final newsworthy article about North Korea floating across newswires and the internet tonight is this: You thought the Soviet gulags were bad? You maybe didn't see this article on North Korean camps in which 150,000 simply languish in prison camps. Entire families suffer and die in these prison camps, according to the UN report.. also in the prison: Children and grandparents for 'political crimes' of their family members.

The AP reports this on the camps:
The labor colonies are enclosed behind barbed wire and electrified fences, mainly in the north and north central mountains of the country, the report says, alleging high rates of death in detention due to systemic mistreatment, torture, execution and malnutrition.
The report says former prisoners were able to identify their former barrack and houses, work sites, execution grounds and other landmarks in the camps via imagery available through Google Earth.
The committee says the report's findings contradict a December 2009 statement by North Korea to the United Nations Human Rights Council that the political prisoner camps don't exist
Did you ever get that pit of your stomach feeling where you know the world is truly mad? I have it now...



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