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Is this the quickening?

This Earth seems to be going through an incredible planetary belch over the past several hours..

We have 8+ earthquakes hitting in Indonesia.
We saw a tremendous amount of movement after this earthshaking took place.. a quake in Oregon, Mexico, California.. even in the East about 200 miles or so off the coast of Maryland. Skeptics who argue that quakes are not connected may have even been shocked by just how many earthquakes took place after the big rumble seemed to begin the tidal wave of shaking... 

Coming later this week: Tornadoes may yet hit parts of the Midwest.

Mainstream media didn't pay much attention to really of of this, too. Did you notice that?
All the while it appears that we are seeing an uptick in earth changes, disasters.. and a quickening. A true quickening. Everything seemingly is out of whack. The earth is moving ... plates are shifting.. The crust is unstable.

Not trying to cause fear.. not trying to cause anxiety. Though after the day we have seen with so many rumbles and severe weather in just one day across the planet, how can one not have some type of anxiety. Be ready.. have a plan. Pray for the best. Hope for the worst. And take a St. John's Wort. Things may get bumpier as we go forward. I just hope there is a God who truly does have this planet in his protective net....



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