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Just when you thought you were getting ahead of the game. . . comes this study
Sure, my pudding expires December 21 2012 and lots of other people think people in general will, too. But we can’t lose hope. Fukushima may have blasted the planet with extreme radiation.. others worry about our online rights being suddenly stripped with the next bill that has too long of an acronym to even understand anymore. And the weather is crazy, isn’t it? Slightly maddening cows hopefully didn’t get into our meat supply, even though South Korea banned our imports. We will still eat them. Beef, it’s what for dinner. 20 years later you may go mad, too.
But all that aside, life isn’t that bad, right?
That’s right.. not just a few weeks, or a month.. or a year or two. No, this report goes all the way: A whole century. But the time humans make it to the 22nd, if we should be so lucky as a species, generations may look back on us in 2012 and say ‘these poor schmucks didn’t know what was about to hit them!’
The Royal Society seems to know. They say world population needs to be ‘stabalised’ (British spelling) in order to take awayeth from the rich nations and giveth to the poor nations.  Yes, indeed. Agenda 21 anyone? Perhaps conspiracy theories of population control are right after all?
What surprised me was that this report didn’t talk much about the most pressing issue set to face our world in the next 20 or so years: Water. Just peruse your local video rental store…..oh wait they are all shut down… Go to Netflix, you won’t find these in the local RedBox: 5 documentaries that you must see to understand the water crisis that we face—in our lifetime.. 
But instead of worrying about clean water and air… let’s frack. Seriously.. Fracking make it all go away.
But it does seem to cause an increase in manmade earthquakes, doesn’t it? If you care. Most of the fracking in rural areas anyway. And what person REALLY cares about the rural area anyway. 
Besides the Obama administration, which wants to limit what farmhands can do. 
Little House on the Prairie. Now regulated!?
Get me Bill Gates! I need a vaccine.
My rambling Thursday morning whatever. Over and out.



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