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This could be a very big deal for the Midwest

Today and this weekend, the potential exists for violent thunderstorms and equally violent tornadoes.. Mike Smith's weather blog *which you should follow* has more on the potential for storms in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas.. Oklahoma City, Topeka, and Wichita seem to be in the focal point of the real bad stuff..

Frighteningly this appears to be primarily a night time event--more concerning being that people could be sleeping when tornado sirens start to ring...

Texas just saw waist deep hail. And after this year's tornado activity that already swept away towns across the nation this year, this situation tonight and tomorrow should be taken very seriously. Prepare now and don't be caught off guard.

When a tornado is near: Don't be near windows, try getting to the lowest portion of your home that is protected by concrete walls, a basement is potentially the safest place during a big storm. 

Let's hope this passes without much fanfare. But the elements sadly look positive to create a ripe environment for deadly weather..



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