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Wednesday news roundup (not the Monsanto version)

We have heard lots of news stories about how kids aren't alright. You'll see one below about children drinking hand sanitizer. But lately there seems to be an equal amount about the professionals tasked with watching those kids going equally as bad Such is the case from the Garden State.. A NJ Autistic boy records abuse at hands of teachers.. Dad wired his son.. and on the tape: Bullying teachers and staff of the boy.. Exposed now for the world to read about .. and hear..

Britain reopens Madeline McCann missing child case..

FBI claims an internet doomsday may occur on July 9... Y2-12. You can check your computer. Hope it will work. Hope mine will too.

Mysterious object seemingly punching holes in Saturn's 'weird ring'..

Advocates say the deep space mining plan that Google and James Cameron want to embark on really is the same as deep sea drilling. And just as some folks on the Gulf how crazy that deep sea drilling has been..

Again! Proving truth in advertising can occur, a woman collapsed into unconsciousness at the Las Vegas restaurant while eating a "double bypass burger," drinking a margarita and smoking a cigarette..

Perhap the next double bypass may occur at Pizza Hut, where a new product is set to be unveiled: Cheeseburger crusted pizza.

South Korea stops importing US beef due to mad cow case..

Labor Department plans to ban kids from performing farm chores. Parents--and some kids--upset..

The kids aren't alright: Newest fad of kids drinking hand sanitizer sending teens to poison centers..


Crime on NYC subways increases.. iPhone and iPads being stolen while passengers sleep..

There is more news.. but times like these call for moderation. Too much bad news isn't a good thing. As the earth turns..



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