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Surprise: the UK GUARDIAN gives a somewhat glowing profile of Alex Jones..

He led the protests in Virginia this weekend against the ‘new world order’ at Bilderberg—and because of Infowars’ Jones more and more news outlets are covering Bilderberg every year. 
Like him, love him, hate him.. you can’t ignore him.
And, as my headline says, to my surprise, the GUARDIAN doesn’t seem to hate him at all..
Jones quickly took control of the situation, using his unmistakable voice– amplified by a megaphone – to launch into a full-throated denunciation of the global elite, the erosion of rights and liberty, and the establishment of federal “reeducation camps”.
“The best bullhorner there is,” one protester said of Jones’s oratory skills. When Jones began describing how he likes to use multiple megaphones end to end, a demonstrator called him “the people’s L-Rad”, a reference to a sonic weapon police departments sometimes use against protesters.
No doubt, more heckles from the mainstream media will erupt as the leaders of the elite leave Chantilly. 
But no matter what the MSM says.. Alex Jones supporters are loud—and seemingly growing in numbers every year.



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