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Latest satellite image of Isaac from NOAA
Reports from a variety of sources indicate some of the following is occurring this morning due to the effects of Hurricane Isaac:

  • Almost 500,000 people without power in SE Louisiana..
  • Dangerous flooding is on the horizon for areas being hit with this storm, including New Orleans..
  • 72MPH wind gusts taking place in New Orleans..
  • Stretch of levee system in Plaquemines Parish has been overtopped.. this is the first official report coming last night around 4am from local affiliate WAFB.. NWS reported the same..
  • According to a report at 6:30 AM EDT there is significant flooding already taking place in New Orleans..
Radar shows Isaac is keeping itself intact as it continues to rotate onshore.. the eyewall is still very visible on radar..  Winds are still Category 1 .. this storm is losing no organization .. Absolutely astounding.

I hope the officialswho said for New Orleans residents not to leave are praying hard that those levees hold. I truly hope.. they had ample time to prepare, and enough days to organize an evacuation of the circumstances would have warranted.. These circumstances, with 2 feet of rain and 80MPH sustained winds, may have warranted...

More coming.. Developing story.. stay tuned..



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