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The massive sinkhole is directly in the impact zone of Hurricane Isaac. 

No official word exists yet on what is going on right now as the storm 's impact are beginning.. 

But we know these two stories of what happened in Florida:

  1. A sinkhole formed beneath a house in Florida..
  2. And this from Florida as well: Isaac made a sinkhole out of a road..
I fear that if Isaac is creating sinkholes where they did not exist, what will happen where one does exist?? 

Recently the HORROR REPORT relayed information that Texas Brine was going to distribute checks to people who had to evacuate Assumption due to butane and sinkhole fears.. But now the latest information from Bayou Corne is that those checks are going to be delayed due to Isaac.. As of Tuesday the sinkhole situation had not changed--but that was before major rains were set to begin..

This entire storm is creating chaos in an area that was already stressed due to the ever growing sinkhole.. Watching this closely..

Stay tuned..



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