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Morning Isaac update.. things are getting bad

This storm is amazing--not in a a good way but in a potentially historic way. First a small sliver of Isaac came onto shore in Louisiana yesterday.. then moved back out to sea, strengthened again, and now the NHC began moving back onto shore again around 4am EDT this morning around Port Fourchon. This after dumping buckets of rain and howling winds through abandoned streets.. from photos and weather reports coming from the scene it would appear many people heeded the warnings to leave. But not everywhere..

As of now this storm is striking with about 80mph sustained winds.. and we cannot even fully describe the amount of rain predicted. Over a foot in many places.. over two feet of rain in some places, too.. The winds will not die down, either. This storm is packing a major punch and it's so slow that it will take hours before tropical storm winds begin to take over the Hurricane winds..

Southern Mississippi and Alabama are also getting his with blinding winds and rains..



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