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NOT EVEN A GHOST OF A CHANCE: Dismal weekend for THE APPARITION: Box office numbers coming in..

Todd Lincoln at APPARITION screening 8/23/12
Todd Lincoln's movie THE APPARITION had some high hopes.. but a big NOPE just occurred at this weekend's box office. People stayed away from the movie like it was the plague..

What could it have been!? Such a strong time in the past for horror flicks and this one flops beyond recognition..

August can be kind to scary movies. In 2012, that seemed to change in an embarrassing way.

According to studio estimates Sunday night, the likely EXPENDABLES 2 came in first, followed by BOURNE LEGACY and PARANORMAN.

And in 12th place -- yes, 12th place-- THE APPARITION. Making only a little over $3 million for a weekend total.. Not what was expected.. not at all what was hoped for.. Maybe it was all that product placement this past week on COAST TO COAST AM with George [s]Noory.

Perhaps anymore Lincoln will be direct to video? Whitley Streiber: Sorry, you may not get your big break in boxes just yet.



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