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Supernova in the sky. Is the sun going to go wild?

Just read a very interesting but unscientific article on a website claiming that the sun was getting whiter brighter an hotter than ever before.. There weren't any findings within the text of the story that back up the author's point of view but there were rather vague memories from when he was younger.. He recalls a time when the sun was more yellow and less heated, according to his generic recollection of events..

It's an interesting thought, plus one that others have spoken about in recent years. There seems to be a fear that the sun is going super nova.. It's the newest end of time end of the world conspiracy concern--and has little to no hardcore evidence backing up that theory..

But I traveled into my own memories ... I recall, as well, a bright orange yellow sun. I remember hot days that were not oppressive.. Whether what the author of of ConspiracyHQ's story believes is a real fear or not, my memory also had me thinking of a kinder and gentler period of time for weather on this planet..

So I'd be curious of thoughts from readers out there. Do you believe that memories can make a mind believe the past was better than it was or is the sun going wild and ready to burn a hole right through the planet earth?? I would love thoughts from all..



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