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Dallas Texas suburb hit by minor earthquake

The stars are night are deep and bright, and so was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake that struck a Dallas Texas suburb, rattling nerves and knocking pictures off of walls. No major heartache or breakage, the airport kept on going, and despite the chance of aftershocks, life is going on as normal. As normal as you can get after your area gets an earthquake, even though it rarely does. The USGS said the quake hit at 11:05 CDT time Saturday .. 911 was flooded with calls, and a subsequent 3.1 aftershock occurred in proximity to the stronger shake..

This is yet another example of how the earth is changing, in some manner, and places that were once safe zones for certain things aren't anymore. Of course someone can say 'go back in history' and see all of the other times instances like this occurred in Texas--which they have--and prove me wrong. But perhaps the better thing to say would be during my lifetime, and maybe yours too, things like this are just plain out weird. Next thing you know there will be an East Coast earthquake that rattles the entire North American plate. Oh wait, that happened in August 2011. Strike that.



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