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It seems to go on and on.. 

After 11 years of war in Afghanistan, a new milestone has been hit: 2,000 United States soldiers have died during the conflict. 

There are few people at home now that pay any attention to what our troops are doing in that  nation. There aren't major bold headlines stating that 2,000 are dead as occurred in 2005 when the Iraq war deaths topped that tragic number.

The death tolls has been climbing in recent months in Afghanistan as more attacks take place on US troops. More police turning on those who trained them.. and much more resistance is taking place in some strongholds across the country..

Another untold story is the troops that don't fall in the fields of battle: There have been countless other stories of troops losing legs and arms, having mental and physical ailments.. and being scarred by a war in a faraway land that Americans stopped paying attention to.

And why did we stop paying attention to Afghanistan? It was a major issue in 2008 when President Obama made that his war to defend during the campaign. Obama said he wanted to win there. And now four years later we are talking about withdrawing major combat forces by 2014, but few are speaking about the current events in the nation.

It's another election year. During the Republican campaign, candidate Mitt Romney failed to mention the war in Afghanistan. Democrats saluted troops but surely didn't want to speak of the theater they are currently fighting in. It is hear no evil see no evil time in this country.. as our brave men and women still fight and often die in Kabul and caves surrounding it, we are greeted by headlines of stupidity. Kate Middleton's breast dangling and Honey Boo Boo's parents wrangling for money. The true valor and courage that is taking place among our military? Unspeakable since we talk nothing of it. The deaths taking place? the injuries? Speak no evil!

No headlines. No demands for answers on strategy. Nothing of the sort.
Not even yellow ribbons tied on trees.
Most of the flags are quite weathered and withering these days..



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