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Every day is scary. Today seemed to be one of the scarier. Don't know why. Maybe it's that change of weather .. that new cycle of autumn? Maybe just something in the air tonight..

The news of the world. All that is fit, and unfit, to print. And then some:

Security forces on high alert as Iran test fires a missile designed specifically to hit warships..

Court rules that mororists can be detained for paying cash at toll booths!

6.2 mag quake strikes the Gulf of California..

4.5 shakes Northern California..

3.1 tremor near Southern California..

Hurricane threatening Baja, California..

Another "super typhoon" set to strike.. this time Jewlawat targets Pacific island nations..

A dock from the Japanese tsunami has now washed ashore in Oregon..

Salt cavern below sinkhole has failed!

US bees vanishing at an alarming rate--still--19 crops are now at risk from Colony Collapse..

Russia suspends Monsanto corn!

A key US weather satellite used for monitoring the East Coast of the United States has gone offline..

A newly discovered comet, C/2012 S1 (ISON) is now located beyond the orbit of Jupiter.. it is set for a close encounter with the sun in 2013. And after that, the blind naked eye on earth may be able to see the comet in the night sky.. Will it fizzle like another Elenin? Or be visible for months in '13? Time will tell. All eyes on space, watching and waiting..

Hubble goes extra deep back in time..



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