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Last night on Coast to Coast AM, George Knapp interviewed someone named Nancy Evans Bush. Bush had a near death experience--but not the typical. The NDEs of popular culture speak about bright lights, big cities, lots of family, and happy thoughts. Also in the mix often are heavenly visits of Jesus minus the crown of thorns. And every now and then a few fields of beauty are involved.

For Nancy Evans Bush, none of the above. As a  matter of fact, her near death experience will make you question just about everything you know. She saw entities and those entities told her that her life meant nothing, and that the fact she had a child was a joke. Not sure who laughed, but her description of events sits unwell with the heart. Even more, as she described on last night's late night radio scare, lots of others have had some of the same experiences. Bush even went on to mention Howard Storm's brush with Satan and his visit to hell, or so he says, after he died and went there in the 20th century...

Bush's slow-spoken style made you feel like you were listening to your God-fearing grandmother. If you reall listened to what she had to say, it made you question most things. And a brief look into Bush's past makes your eyebrows even raise higher. Think of this: She was twice (not thrice but twice) born again by Billy Graham! Even more, she was  God fearing soul who thought she was on the right path to salvation. And when she had this near death voyage into the something-world, she met up with circular characters who told her is is all meaningless.. All of it. The nasty spirits went on to tell her that her life meant absolutely nothing and was not even worth a laugh line on a terrible sitcom.

Last night's Coast to Coast AM was worthy of a warm firepit on a cold night. Crack open a cold beer and listen to the airwaves.. and wonder if this, "this", is all there is. What if life is a joke! What if the entities are laughing at our toils and troubles. What if Dante's Inferno just burns for no one to feel? Some weighty questions.

Think about this fact: You are reading this and waiting to die. Waiting to perish from this planet. For each fleeting moment, the eventual grows closer. For every laugh you have and tear your shed, your last breath is coming.. for every second of life where you think you're invincible, the moment when you find out that invincibility ends is on the way.

Nancy Evans Bush was not pushing religion last night when she appeared. She wasn't even pushing an anti-religion thought. Instead it appeared she was speaking from the heart about something we're all going to have to face one day on the way. We will all expire from Earth. We will all say goodbye. Some sooner than others. When we do, we will face whatever entity or entities or future that all others have before us.

Christians say God will save.
Atheists claim it won't matter if we behave.
And Nancy Evans Bush says some out there in the next world will tell us nothing really matters.

What makes last night's Coast to Coast AM frightening is that we all have the same common voyage to make; after all we will all die, and that very fact binds us together..

We see war and pestilence, sickness and crime. And Nancy Bush makes you wonder about time.

Science will never answer these questions of the basic meaning of life. And maybe they shouldn't. After all science is theory.. and not even science came come to grips with the eventual.

Perhaps October is just the month when the border between the here and the there breaks down. Maybe we come closer to ghosts during the season of the witch. Maybe Nancy Evans Bush is just nuts. A crazy old crackpotted lady who is talking about nonsense on late night paranormal radio. Or maybe not.

Either way, we will all find out. We will all succumb to something that takes our breath away for good. And what happens after? Either the atheist is right and nothing takes place or there is something else. And that something else could be ... well, anything else.



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