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Those creepy crisp October nights, as things turn a whiter shade of pale

Something special exists in the deep dark nights of October. Maybe it's that tingle of terror in the air, or the creepy crisp cold that begins to develop as the months moves on in time.. Perhaps it's the fields of screaming that terrify people who want a good scare, somewhere in corn fields and farms across America. Haunted attractions are plentiful..

October can be so bittersweet as you see time roll on. Dropping temperatures can even be a cruel punishment for a beautiful September.

October can be a painful reminder of something we all will face: Annihilation. As leaves die they turn vibrant.. much as people do.. As grass turns yellow and the skies begin to dampen into a hazy shade of gray, the sun angles itself somewhere else and the season changes .. autumn is here. Winter is our lives is creeping in.

October can be painful. It can have prizes. It can also force a heart starving for love and beauty to weep at the bleak landscape that a month of leaves changing results in.

We are here again, then. This month of October will give us beauty. And a biting sense that impending doom and gloom can occur at the drop of a dime.

Good evening to all.
Happy October from the HORROR REPORT.



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