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Art Bell speaks!

And he no longer wants to have his name even associated with Coast to Coast AM..

Here's a screen cap from his Facebook page tonight, only moments ago, in which he exposed yet more feelings about the program:

For months now Art Bell has sent out cryptic messages through his Facebook page about how he wants to be disassociated from the late-night radio show..

Last night George Noory hosted Ghost to Ghost a.m., something Arbel started years ago.

One comment from a friend of Art Bell asked 'why not do a show' of his own. Bell responded in kind:

He said, "It's not that I want to do a show, it is that Coast has gone so far down the drain that I wish my name was not associated with it. I asked them to stop the Saturday Broadcasts of my old shows but so far they refuse."

Interesting developments continue with Mr. Bell.

It appears he is enjoying his show-free retirement, but something seemingly is breaking his heart about what has happened to the once beloved late night radio show Coast to Coast AM..

Developing story..


  1. He's right, I've tried to figure out why I don't enjoy the show anymore, I use to love it. I'm sorry to say, I think it's George. He's to nice, to the point of being boring.

  2. He's not nice he is just not equipped to handle the show Art Bell created.

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  4. I Miss art! Listening to noory right now.


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