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There are time you need to take news online with a grain of salt. And if it's from the ONION you should just laugh, and not spread the headlines as though they're true..

So when I read this SMOKING GUN story about a federal worker who was reprimanded for farting too much, I could not help but first think it was a joke. However, sadly in a way, as the story went on and copies of documents were referenced, it became clear that the Social Security Administration employee from Baltimore, really could not control his flatuence.

But the story of the man gets weirder.. According to a reprimand letter, he created a hostile working environment because of his repeated passages of wind.

And the office co-workers didn't think grin and bear it.. No, they recorded the times and dates when he flatuated (is that a word?) ..

Now picture your own office, or workplace.. Picture a co-worker next to you breaking wind every half hour or so.. How long until you start keeping "documenation" on all of the times he farted in your space? Well, according to the SMOKING GUN expose, this SSA employee had 17 incidents on September 19, according to records kept by employees. And he even broke wind during a May 18 performance discussion!

There is now a legal fight taking place over the reprimand.. I don't know how much further the public will be udpated on the farting government worker. But every time I see my social security deduction on future paychecks, I'll raise a glass and bust an ass. Praise to the farting Social Security Worker! So misunderstood...



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