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Deaths now reported: A horrible night of weather in the Midwest

Deadly storms now.. 

Authorities in Oklahoma have confirmed that a mother and her infant are among the fatalities on highway I-40..

Many more injuries and deaths are expected.. 

Fans are trapped under debris at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO according to local news sources.

Anyone watching live coverage knows that motorists were driving directly into the tornadoes along major highways.. Including I-40..

One UNCONFIRMED report: "THOUSANDS OF CARS TRAPPED ON I-40" according to reporters on the ground at Oklahoma's News 9. .. 

Word is that tractor trailers have been tossed around like matchbox cars..

In Moore, there are reports of people trapped in tornado shelters from collapsed debris.. 

Watch Live streaming coverage from NEWS 9 here

Flash flood warnings being issued throughout Oklahoma City..

@nicholasoxford Tweeted this image from the Oklahoma City area:

The latest on the storms here: TORNADOES IN OKLAHOMA, KANSAS, AND MISSOURI

No lights on a Friday night: Officials report many without power across states hit by storms..



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