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I smell a rat: That is surely a strange looking rock walking on Mars..

So did you hear the one about the rat on Mars?

No seriously.. did you?

This photo seen here been making the rounds across the Internets. It's on fire.. 

It all started with a sleauths examining photos from the Mars Curiosity Rover. They found what appeared to be a giant rat slithering between two large rocks on the 'red planet'.. MORE HERE

At first glance, you can't really see the rat creature. But closer studying of the image reveals the animal. Or it simply reveals a rock shaped like a rat?

The story has been around for a week or two now.. But it's getting a lot more traction. It really, REALLY, does look like an animals walking the surface of Mars.

Some have Tweeted and blogged that it's less a rat and more a squirrel. But the term 'Mars Rat' has a little more fun attached to it than a squirrel. Maybe Mars Critter? The rat just caught on and Internet people ran with it.

But before you laugh it off, consider what Scott Waring from UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY wrote about the Mars rat way back in December before any of us were even paying attention to this story:  He asked what if NASA sent the rat or whatever creature to the Martian landscape in order to see how long it would live. He went on to write as to why they would not tell us:
Because the squirrel would be expected to die eventually and that would get PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] to fight against them in a court of law
While some may scoff at that possibility, it's worth noting examples in history where nations sent chimps into the great vast wildness of the universe to see what would happen to them?  But of course the PETA thing may be a stretch. OR .. maybe not.

Chances are this is not a rat, or a squirrel, but just a plain old rock. I say that not because I am hopeful it is a rock but because it just seems too good to be true that NASA would release an image of their secret experiment or proof of life walking the red planet. However, maybe, just maybe, when I'm a gray old man advanced in age, some future NASA head will do a Friday night document dump of previously classified materials, and we will find out that, yes, indeed, a Martian rat walked in 2013.



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