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Case of the Mondays.. bleeding communion, a prophecy of the popes coat of arms, and a ghost who likes tea at the Whistable Stop


And the creepy Pope story of the day..

This is a striking story .. unbelievable numbers.. and we all feel the fear . . 80% of United States adults face near poverty and unemployment. 80%.. That means four out of five American adults are struggling in this economy with joblessness, or the fear of it.. The Associated Press says it signals "a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream".. The elusive American dream..

The United Kingdom is about to place sweeping porn filters across networks as a way of reducing the 'threat' of porn sites--also it's been decried as government censorship.. But while Prime Minister Cameron may lament what porn is doing to his nation, one may ask if the true intention is just to censor any content that the government doesn't want citizens to hear.. such as conspiracy theory -- and now there is information that "extremist related content," eating disorder sites, and sites that talk about smoking and drinking will be banned as well .. you know.. mind porn. The whole idea that this is good is a toxic one no one should go down.. are there reprehensible websites online? Hell yes. But should the government block them....well..maybe some that are criminal. But we are going down a whole new path by forcing sites into the criminal blanket.. This is a very, very scary idea from Cameron--with help from web filter technology already being used in China and Australia..

MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry says life begins when parents decide it begins (what if a parent didn't decide it began after a child was born?)

We reported last week that the government was raising the allowable pesticide levels in the United States. .it's worth reading that again, and realizing that the number is striking: EPA to Raise Allowable Glyphosate Pesticide Levels in Food Crops by 3,000%!

Teens working on farm sprayed by cropduster!.. It came from a Monsanto plane on 'an adjacent field'.. Emergency room director Allen Rinehart said some of the teen workers had irritated skin but that they were all stable and being released to their parents as they were seen...
Why no protective clothing? Why are we putting children into the crosshairs of GMO food production? Why why why why why..

Is this video proof of paranormal activity from a surveillance camera? (My opinion: NO. It's proof that it's the easiest stunt to perform and they did it quite well in this video.. But here is more on the background of the video: It is from Kent, England, at the Whistable Shop.. What no story seems to mention is the black looking figure on the right hand side behind the shelving unit at four seconds in. That was either the 'entity' or the man who was playing the prank..



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