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The CONJURING conjures up a question

And the GUARDIAN is asking it, over across the pond: What makes a good horror movie?  The article is a worthwhile read.. And it brings up some interesting questions, one being asked by the HORROR REPORT ask well of readers; what exactly makes a good horror movie, or movie in general, will always be in the eye of the beholder.. 

Anyone who has read this website since the 20th century when we began on a free Geocities page, I never liked bloody and needlessly gory flicks. I'd prefer the mentally frightening..  and the psychologically challenging..

I don't think THE CONJURING was a game changer of a film--and the storyline is shaky when you think about the true story behind the 'true' story of the Perron haunting in the 1970s.. but hopefully it's a part of a larger picture, one being altered by time and viewers who don't want the 2000s' torture and pointlessness anymore..

The 200teens are about storylines, characters.. and we've seen it all now, so we really don't want to see more. And the less we see the scarier it is..

I think.
I hope.



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