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A journey to the center of the earth in Sharon Springs, Kansas, as a massive sinkhole opens up

People are flocking to Wallace County Kansas, just to see if the images are true.. could it be, a massive sinkhole suddenly opening up?

The town of Sharon Springs, Kansas, is very remote. The population is under 800, it has one library, and its public school system has under 500 kids *both high school and grade school*.. But it's now a tourist attraction due to a 200 feet across and 90 feet deep sinkhole that opened in the ground.. According to reports from Sharon Springs, the sinkhole seemed to open overnight.. Suddenly and quickly.. The rapid vanishing act taking place on the once secure land..

According to comments from town Sheriff Larry Townsend, the hole continues to get bigger..

The sinkhole seems to be swallowing an entire pasture. According to reports, no digging, or irrigation, or natural gas fracking has taken place around the area where the earth left..

There are fears tonight that cracks are spreading from the sinkhole and that cracks in the ground may open up to form more areas of disaster..

Absolutely amazing video of the sinkhole here, including images of people being "brave"  enough to hike to the bottom..



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