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Dying 2-year-old son to be Pa. couple's best man 

Every now and then a story actually makes me tear up. This is one of them.. I could not imagine the prospects of losing a child, especially to leukemia.. The AP dispatch reports it this way:
Two-year-old Logan is the son of Sean Stevenson and Christine Swidorsky, of Jeannette. The couple had planned to wed next year, but decided to move the ceremony up to Saturday so the boy, who has leukemia and other complications, could participate.
The boy has already lost one kidney and has a mass on his remaining kidney. He has Fanconi anemia, a rare disease that often results in cancer. Doctors last week gave the boy two to three weeks to live.
Swidorsky says, “We want Logan in our family pictures, and we want him to see his mother and dad get married."
Again, as a parent, I have so much empathy for these two adults watching their innocent young toddler succumb to such a disease.. 
I cam so sad to read it.. but at the same time so heart-warmed to think of how much joy this will bring this young little brave man.
I have said this before and will again, I don’t know for sure if there is a God above or a devil below, but I will be doing my best version of praying or at least sending positive thoughts towards these three as they share the bond of matrimony with a child who will soon be gone from this natural earthly dwelling..



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