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For whom the Bell tolls

The gloves are off in the Art Bell vs George Noory match.. This is Bell's latest Facbook post, and a brutally honest post it is:
"I guess it is about time to straighten a few things out. I had no input or voice into the choice of George Noory as Host...none. He recently, after Dark Matter was announced dropped my name from mention then he says put it back because it was the right thing to do, nonsense, he did it so he could stop open line callers from being cut off because they kept trying to mention my new show. That is why he announced it. I wanted my name dropped from the show as well as my Saturday shows stopped to be blunt because I hated the direction the show had taken and no longer wanted to be associated with it. George is I am sure a nice guy BUT he has become lazy and does not pay attention. I am sorry to be so blunt but that's how I feel. I hope what little competition I can provide will cause him to up his game"




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