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Real horror on THURSDAY AUGUST 22 2013.. fake horror too. As usual, the reality of the world is much scarier than the fictitious ..

Rebels in Syria say that Assad has used chemical weapons against men, women, and children.. causing more than 1,300 deaths they claim. There are some doubts.. France is saying that if it turns out to be true, use of force is necessary.. But according to the latest Associated Press dispatch from Syria, President Bashar Assad's forces pressed on with a military offensive in eastern Damascus on Thursday, bombing rebel-held suburbs where the opposition said a chemical weapons attack the day before killed over 100 people.. Assad's government denied using chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta..

* * * *

Homeland Security desk job by day.. and race war prep by night. Anger builds after discovery that Homeland Security employee is getting ready for a coming race war in the United States.. He tried to hide his identity from bosses, but there seems to be no denial as to who he is..

Dramatic new images are being revealed to the world from Assumption Parish in Lousiana.. the massive sinkhole that is only getting bigger is swallowing trees in the Bayou.. and there is now video to show it..

This from "Hurricane" Henry Margusity from Accuweather on his Twitter and Facebook feeds this morning: "It's the oddest weather ever, but both the GFS and ECMWF show a double tropical attack on So Cal and the Southwest next 10 days." .. That would be interesting and extremely rare.. and almost freaky. Although if rain can somehow help control those raging wildfires, that would be amazing on the higher power's part, don't you think? If there is one..

Yes, indeed, technology will soon be able to read minds.. Coming software uses brain scans to identify exactly what people are looking at..

Lady Gaga calls for crackdown on cyber-bullies .. now who could be be talking about..?

Seacrest out: Ryan gets Gaga-ed..

A lot of towns have trick or treat nights on Sundays, or on other dates besides October 31.. so when I read about Upper Allen Township near Harrisburg, PA, deciding to have Halloween on Halloween, it made me happy.. The way it should be..

Christmas in October.. Halloween in August. TIME magazine is right that we rush everything.. but I always enjoy seeing Halloween candy and costumes be sold at the same time as back to school clothes.. And for kids, the seasonal glory of autumn buffers the bad news of school being back again..



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