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Space Weather contradicts report on big solar flare

This morning's headlines blazed with  heat: A near miss! The sun ejected a flare that almost hit earth two weeks ago..

And now today the website Space Weather is responding to that with this:
SPACE WEATHER FACT CHECK: Many readers are asking about a report in the Washington Examiner, which states that a Carrington-class solar storm narrowly missed Earth two weeks ago. There was no Carrington-class solar storm two weeks ago. On the contrary, solar activity was low throughout the month of July. The report is erroneous. The possibility of such a storm is, however, worth thinking about: A modern Carrington event would cause significant damage to our high-tech society. Solar flare alerts: textvoice.
The original report that appeared in the Washington EXAMINER this morning came from  Henry Cooper, a former Reagan official who now is pushing for missile defense programs.. And where did he get his information? Peter Vincent Pry--who is pushing for the United States to upgrade its electric grid to help during events of massive EMP attacks of solar events. Which is a noble cause.. But now I am troubled by the SpaceWeather report that all of this was based off of something that never was..

The UK DAILY MAIL picked up this story today, too, running a more dire headline 

I will investigate this matter further..
So far I have yet to see a press release or statement on any of this from NASA.

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