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The 1-2-3 lady..tapping quietly outside your window

I have a strange but true tale for you.

A friend of mine works in a legal office, she is a young legal assistant with two children and she works with a number of rational and well intentioned attorneys.

All names will be withheld to protect the innocent. We will just call her Nikki..

The other day I was in Nikki's presents with several of her coworker attorneys when the subject of ghosts and goblins somehow came up. She mentioned that she was thinking about getting a medium in her house.. Why, I asked? Immediately all of the lawyers that were around started to chuckle--They obviously knew the reason why she wanted to get a paranormal expert to browse her abode..

It turns out Nikki has a five-year-old daughter who has been seeing a strange figure out her window on a semi regular basis. This woman, Nikki says, is described by her young daughter is being old and comes whispering a slow and foreboding message while she taps on the window--she whispers 1....2....3 slowly with the beat of her taps on the glass..

Some of the lawyers who doubted Nikki's story looked at me and said 'talk to Bryan about it he's the weird one who listens to paranormal radio.. '. I do listen to paranormal radio, and I do have this website, but I do not believe that gives me any expertise in this subject matter, but I tried to help her instead of just laughing at her situation..

So I asked Nikki "do you believe your daughter"? She responded in the affirmative. I asked next, "does she ever have tall tales or fables or is she reliable to tell you the truth"? Once again Nikki answered in the affirmative, adding that her daughter really never lies and in this matter, when she tells the story about the 123 lady, she appears very serious and her story remains consistent regardless of how many times she tells it.

Now you can go to ways a matter like this. First off you are relying on a child's interpretation of events when you attempt to discern matters such as this. On the other hand, perhaps it is those innocent children with eyes not yet blinded to the other side, who see certain things that adults do not.

I told Nikki that a medium may actually be a good thing, adding that this could be a situation of the old hag or maybe something more foreboding... You see, any quick research on the black-eyed children will reveal that they do not only go to the front door knock but often times stare you through window and many times count and tap requesting entrance.. I told Nikki, while the lawyers laughed at me, that this could be a matter of the black-eyed children. And if it is I warned Nikki to tell her daughter to never let this person in..

The conversation ended as quickly as it began and I am not too sure if my advice really sunk in. After all if you doubt the existence of the afterlife, doubt the existence of another realm, and don't care to find out if there's anything on any other side, there's no rational way to reason with you about matters of this nature.. The lawyers laughed..but maybe Nikki will heed the warning..

The troubling thing about the stories the black-eyed children is that once they show up, sometimes they keep coming back until entrance is made..

If you believe in that sort of thing, that is..

Good evening all.

Have a safe Saturday, and don't answer the window when the woman stands outside tapping and slowly and quietly whispering a haunting...



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