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The Wednesday update



In other news...

Signs? Collapse reported on Temple Mount..

More facts that will showcase a future water war coming to the planet earth.. in this situation, a huge aquifer that runs through 8 different states is QUICKLY being tapped out.. the water could be dried up within 50 years unless something is done now to conserve..
But maybe we can find an alternate source...?

New evidence suggests water below the surface of the moon!

White UFO orb circles cities..

Slowest start ever for hurricane season..

Rare snow falls in Atacama desert..

New concern that Fukushima is tainting Alaskan salmon..

NOAA thinks virus is killing East Coast dolphins..

I'M AMAZED BUT SCARED! Mind over matter: Researcher remotely controls colleague's body with brain!
Mind control over the internet!
First human brain-to-brain interface!

Joel Osteen, the "man of God," lives on a $10.5 million mansion .. Joel and his family worship God in a home with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators and five wood-burning fireplaces, and with a one-bedroom guest house and pool house.. I am sure somewhere in there lurks a chapel for Osteen to pray for hours and submit his life to his savior.. after his maid cooks up a fancy meal of pure products and he and his family pick which dining room they want to eat in..

Take this PTC! A study finds that playing violent video games does nto make children violent .. but something I worry about, not addressed much by this study, is whether overloads of violence and faux murder forces people to disband their concern for fellow humans.. That is still something I wonder if it occurs..

Puke gone viral: Kentucky students tell First Lady Obama that her lunch foods 'tastes like vomit'

One of the suspects who killed Shorty the World War II vet with a flashlight offers up this defense: We were buying crack from him! There is no evidence, cops say, that Delbert Belton was selling crack to underage kids..
But...stranger things have happened...

The trial of the man who fatally killed 13-month-old baby continues..

The kids AREN'T ALRIGHT: 10-year-old girl accused of raping 4-year-old boy!

Six year old Chinese boy who had his eyes gouged out by an attacker asks his parents why it's dark, state media says he doesn't know he has been blinded..

There are days when news of children simply cause me to collapse in fear, sadness, or anger.. This world is so cruel, especially to the innocent. But when the innocent are cruel to their fellow innocent, I become beyond sick to my core..

Matt Damon will NOT be Robin the boy wonder..

Horror movie "YOU'RE NEXT" sat on shelf for years
And finally when it was released last week, it did poor at the box office.. SHOCK TIL YOU DROP examines why..

Now that we have seen twerking gone mad at the VMAs thanks for Miley Virus Cyrus, it's time for the trusted old folks at the Parents Television Council to weigh in: They say "heads should roll" over Cyrus' performance..
While the PTC won't let her by or let Cyrus twerk me, there are other people still reacting to the horror show that prevailed on live MTV at the 'music' awards: The UK DAILY MAIL laments the disturbing decline of Miley Cyrus..

"Twerking" may become the word of the year..

I had a few conversations with people about Miley Cyrus over the past 48 hours since her great American decline on live TV with the Thicker fuller man.. And it provides me hope! Some of the older folks I spoke to (older being about ten years beyond me) were aghast, as I expected--with the exception of two men who seemed a little too excited about watching Miley be Miley .. And the younger people I spoke to, some of them half my age? They were saddened to see their child star go this way! One of them actually told me that she supports freedom of expression, and realized that it's a sexualized world, but she said that Miley looked like a drugged up crazy sex addict and made a complete fool of herself. Perhaps my father, who is late in life, had one of the better reactions. He said this goes back to Madonna, and Miley is just purposely ditching the childhood fame from her past and trying to start fresh as an adult. And that is it. No horror, no reaction of disgust.. with one sentence, he matter-of-factly made sense of pop culture as the game it is..

And one more must read article offered up in today's news update: Our friend the Cinema Psycho has typed up another article, and has given a name to all this Miley Virus nonsense: All Hail the Rise of Porn Pop" .. I love it.. Porn pop it is! I will use the term now as well, because it does make sense.



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