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George Noory somehow got a gig on the VIEW today with Whoopi Goldberg.

SO I'm here to offer the first official review of George Noory and his toupee on the VIEW me a hater.. but here we go.

I enjoyed the fact that the tape holding down his pet rug on his head was so evident.. couldn't the makeup artist do anything or did they purposely leave it so white?

Too bad George didn't mention that he really, really didn't write that book. Rosemary knows..

Amazing that he was able to get away with promoting photos and videos of 'ghosts' that have mostly been debunked online for the past five years. But Whoopi didn't know.

Why did George use his hands so much, and why does he look like a puppet? In all honesty, hand use is fine, but do the Bill Clinton finger/thump pump. Instead George leaves his hands lifeless like a fish out of water, flapping them around at times that don't even go with the words he says. Odd.. Awkward.

I don't think the audience knew what to think.

Is George going to be on the Oprah network next?

Meanwhile, DARK MATTER rules.



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