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September over.. the best month of the year behind us..

Just a few headlines this morning..

Strong Iceland earthquakes occurring.. Sometimes stress needs to be relieved from somewhere else.. watching the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Canary Islands ..

A 178-foot blimp that some residents have spotted above the Baltimore.. the Navy is in command. According to the reports of the blimp, it's for 'research'.. The blimp has been roaming the skies over FEMA Region 3 for days..
The Navy also said that in a few days, the blimp will trvael to New Jersey for the same mission..

Did Japan lie its way into the Olympics..?

Another story of an amoeba killing.. this time a family man was setting traps for crabs in knee deep seawater.. and Vibrio vulnificus shut down his liver and kidneys within 28 hours..

We're sick of her being Miley: Cyrus doesn't like coke, but she likes weed and molly. Snort it up Miley! You're career highs are numbered..



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