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Were you one of those schmucks who wasted money on a Miley Cyrus costume?

The Internet has changed everything. That we know. It comes in like a wrecking ball.

Remember back in September when Miley Cyrus costumes were flying off the shelf? Well that was so then.. This is now. And the 'now' is defined by the internet meme of the day, the topic and trend of the moment--and those trends can change by the moment.
And in that sense, basing your costume off of a trend can show how 'dated' you are--the 'dating' of years back would take months. These days it takes minutes..

USA TODAY opens its article with the trying tale of a woman from Arizona . She bought her Miley Cyrus costume but will not be wearing it to the Halloween party... I wonder how many other people are in the same boat as her? A foam finger collecting dust already.. a skimpy outfit hanging up... waiting to be worn but probably never will be...

USA TODAY goes on to report this, 
In 1984, the cool kids went as Freddy Krueger; in 1994, they went as one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; and in 2006, they were Barack Obama, according to a 30-year look back at best-sellers from Spirit Halloween, the largest seasonal Halloween retailer in the country, with 725 locations across the United States and Canada
The first thing this quote tells me is how uncool I have always been.. I keep un-dusting my Freddy outfit on a regular basis.. It's so old that the mask is ripped up the back of the head and I am not forced to wear it with a hoodie--actually making it a little more frightening in my opinion.

But enough about me, back to YOU. 

The history of costumes is a stroll down amnesia lane in pop culture. 
There aren't many homemade ghosts anymore.. replacing them? The sexy and skimpy outfits of nurses who seem to want sex more than candy.

In our current times of virtual trick or treating, kids come and go. IN my personal opinion, I rarely even know what they are anymore.. they don't seem to know either..

Of course, 20-somethings will wear their makeup and outfits with little material, go to that bar and achieve success: Drunken sex with a 'sexy' Superman costume laying on the floor. The dignity they lost in the process was priceless, but what do they care? They're not 30 yet..

Halloween has changed .. It still changes. Abruptly. 



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