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New Madrid shaking? The booms may hold the answer

A YOUTUBE video has some interesting information concerning some old booms and history that may be repeating itself.
The user Cometison uploaded a video explaining that major loud booms, described then as canon fire, were heard two to three years prior to 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes. The video goes on to explain more of the weird connections of events from then to now..
The video here:

The boom conundrum started about two years ago--major loud bangs have been heard throughout the United States for some time.
Linda Moulton Howe reported on the booms early--many YouTube videos were uploaded throughout the past 24 months..

There are other connections in the video to comets.. There was a great comet in 1811.
Comets in 2013 are present and ready to appear..

All information should be taken with a grain of salt--or a bag.
But it sure does sound freakishly like history may be happening all over again..



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