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Teen 'knockout game' continues to harm innocent people »

There have been lots of weird trends over the years. I actually remember a few years back, videos surfaced showing people randomly beating up homeless people. There was sadly little outrage because—no matter how many people profess to love all no matter their conditions—may don’t want to have anything to do with the homeless, impoverished, sick, or downtrodden.
But the new weird fetish that some teens have now developed involves ganging up on innocent people and just, well, knocking them down to cause harm.
Today the DRUDGE REPORT linked to a story about it, and I noticed immediately afterwards, several other news sources wrote their own stories on it. So expect it to spread in popularity…
The purpose of the game, at least to be victorious, is to have the ONE HITTER QUITTER. That’s right. A solid hit that will take down an unsuspecting person.
A human being.
Call me a romantic, but say what you want about war, and battles, and fights, at least in the ‘old days’ you can argue that a good street fight carried a purpose. Misguided purpose maybe.. But a random hit to an innocent report? That is not a purpose..
That’s a mental sickness. It’s a worm of evil crawling in the collective consciousness of humanity.
The kids may be bored, but they sure aren’t alright. 
Watch you back, everyone..



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