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The Thanksgiving Eve news of the world


There are two places that will be busier than ever today: Roads, and bars. Highways are 'jammed with people and cars'.. People racing home to be with kith and kin. Sometimes grudgingly. Sometimes not. Later today, pubs and bars will open their doors to a night fill with happy go lucky home comers.. And that is the part that reminds me of this 2008 ONION article titled: 26-Year-Old To See Every Asshole He Ever Went To High School With On Night Before Thanksgiving . How true that is.

Now to the news of the day..

A fascinating story: Welcome to Cicada 3301, the internet mystery that has the world baffled..

Holiday hell: The 2013 holiday shopping season may end up being remembered for its ugly sweaters and, for many retailers, even uglier discounts... A growing weak economy, no fashion trends, and no must haves.. it's a year of jitters and sputtering.. a holiday season without guidance, or fun. Instead people are just going to try to make it through December and be fine..

The Thanksgiving choice: Have dessert, or go shopping?

The UK GUARDIAN published a great story on he holiday shopping world we are about to enter.. The paper writes that Christmas is just an excuse to sell more useless crap. George Monbiot penned an article that would never have made it by editors in the United States starting with this sentence: "A global bullshit industry recruits the values with which we'd like the festival to be invested – to sell things no one wants"

With all the trouble in the world, we have neglected to use our collective short attention to China.. where now American bombers are flying through China's disputed air defense zone..
More on China: Strong Naval punch now on the high seas..

The situation in Iraq is getting bad, all over again. 13 bodies have been found in Baghdad and bombings have killed 33..

Speaking of world affairs: The media celebrated the peace king prize winning President Obama on his recent deal with Iran. John Kerry looked as though he didn't cut fingernails for weeks in Geneva. But now Iran says that the fact sheet released by the Obama Administration is misleading and false..

Spies worry over 'doomsday cache' stored by Edward Snowden.. According to the news article, British and US officials fear Snowden has a very highly classified heavily encrypted amount of material stored on a data cloud.. So of all the revelations, could anything else released shock people? It would appear with this fear, the answer is yes.

Mexico deports U.S.-born teenage hitman who beheaded for cartel

Dad says his 7-year-old was playing outside when he was struck by meteorites!

The kids aren't alright: UK report concludes: Young children 'are committing sex abuse on other children as part of gang violence' And by young children, it's kids as young as 12 committing crimes on kids younger..

Chemical spill causes hundreds to evacuate Ohio town..

This is going down a road that we may not want to.. Scientists are learning how to shape our memory by testing chemicals that can DELETE THEM! Some memories are bad, and some who have went through awful stuff, well, they just want to forget it. But when power as this rests in the hands of an elite few, to what end does that justify? Deleting memories, forever? Shaping the reality we have lived? I find this scientific endeavor to be dangerous..

The fall of Gaga: 81% down for ARTPOP

Would you eat this? Scientists creating cheese cultured from feet and armpit bacteria.

ANCHORMAN 2 gets early release..

Great article appearing on MOTHER JONES: Reality is scarier than horror movies..

10 essential Japanese horror movies..

When too much is too much: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES. .. the trailer is released.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY producer to bring a haunted house TV pilot to ABC..



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