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Cutting down trees.. cutting down memories

Christmas music season starts.. thanks to Joni Mitchell and the RIVER..
Good morning, all.
I am thinking of some personal matters today, deeply.. 

Christmas music seasIs it possible—just a thought—that there are multiple universes? Filled with multiple possibilities? Is it possible that strange moments of deja vu are truly signs that you HAVE lived through this all before.
Is it possible that someone can die in another realm and come to this one to warn someone to make another choice—thereby letting both people live full lives in this realm?
The family got quite a shock and shake up today with a major health crisis for a patriarch—I hope things end up ‘ok’ in the long.
But today has been the longest December 9th I can remember.. at least since 1997.
I know, all personal.. I speak in code, only I know the meaning. 
Maybe I’ll explain one day.
In the mean time.. flow down ‘THE RIVER’ with Joni Mitchell and make today, tomorrow, and any day in your future the best days of your life.



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