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2014: Day 2.


January. Day 2. 2014th year.
Here we go..

On to the news before you snooze..

All of the passengers on the stranded Antarctic ship have been rescued.. 52 people were airlifted from the stranded research vessel and are on board an Australian supply ship..

Shallow 3.7 quake strikes Los Angeles..

Imagine the scene: Conditions are calm, weather is nice, and then lightning strikes! That is what happened in Australia as an man was killed by a sudden flash of lightning ..

Ariel Sharon is in critical condition..
Fear: Prophecy unfolds?

Gizmodo publishes rumors of Fukushima meltdown based on strange website..

Score one state for the stoners: Pot legal in Colorado and an Iraq war vet was the first person to buy it..

Hadron Collider upgrade will lead to highest energy particle collisions ever attempted in efforts to solve questions over Dark Matter

Cloudy with a chance of life??? Cloudy weather discovered on superearth GI1214B..
Hubble catches it..
Two amazing 'super worlds'

Happy days are here again: Hollywood set for big year..

SPIDERMAN facing multiple enemies in next film..

Dwayne Johnson joins DC COMICS for upcoming project..

The HOBBIT was the most pirated film in 2013..



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