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A paranormal and snowy night

It's nights like tonight when one gets introspective.. Snow is coming down outside.. not a car in sight.. not even one can be heard in the distance. There has always been something peaceful about a snowstorm during the darkness.. Life itself seems to be on hold--something I find necessary now and then. I feel for those who are stuck in this weather or even though forced to travel to get to a job..

I am writing this post as I see a street light outside my window.. the orange hue is creating a firestorm of snow as it falls from the sky. You won't catch me eating snow in the post Fukushima world, but I may make a snow angel or two tomorrow should Ayden Morris and Mutley the dog choose to play in the conditions..

I also find a quiet snowstorm to be very paranormal..Mysterious.. but reassuring. It's powerful enough to stop traffic and life until roads are cleared, but beautiful enough to remind you that you're not really in charge of anything here..

I am contemplating some strange things tonight--maybe the fact I'm listening to Dave Schrader on DARKNESS RADIO interview someone about children believe they have had past lives.. Or maybe it's because every time it snows it reminds me of the eerie scenes of Stephen King's STORM OF THE CENTURY.. Andre Linoge walks atop the snow somewhere in time.

I don't want to continue to speak about a negative December.. but my God December 2013 was just abysmal personally for my family. It perked up by Christmas. And New Years actually felt good, hope and change is coming. Not the kind Obama promised in 2008.. but the real kind.
I can feel it.

December did end with some paranormal activity in my personal life.. An entity, or spirit.. or gust of wind, made its presence known.  It was perhaps the scariest moment of my life--seeing something unexplained and true, right before your eyes.. witnesses seeing it too only amplify the fact you cannot deny what your eyes just witnessed. I had one of those moments at the end of December..
I don't know if I am going to be the same..
It's because the paranormal is something I've watched from a distance. Something that I always doubted, even though I delve deep into stories about it. I am skeptical by nature..
But the occurrence that happened in my home has no way to be explained.

When you see something happen that you cannot explain, you have a choice: Ignore it, or welcome it. By ignoring it, life can go on.. you can keep laughing at those who believe in such things. Ignoring it means you can stay in your comfort zone. Close your mind and pretend nothing took place.
Welcoming it? That's the tougher part.. That is when you need to discern with logic what your eyes see. While welcoming the idea that something strange happened does not mean you're accepting it was paranormal, it challenges your mind enough to try to understand what it was you saw, witnessed, or experienced.
I am welcoming mine.
I do have video evidence of something happening--but I am holding that close to my vest at this time. I don't want to publish something like that because I am not trying to get attention.
And the only reason I am vaguely speaking about it is because it has been driving me crazy NOT to write about it in some way.

With all that I could say about what I saw, and have on video, I will simply say this: The next time you see that mysterious shadow appear and vanish.. it may be more than a shadow. The next time the house creeks or moans, it may not be your home settling.. the next time your child speaks of memories that they never experienced, it may mean they experienced it somewhere else, some time else..

Ghosts and goblins, UFOs and all that.. 99% is bunk. But if you welcome the 1% your world may change...



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