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A steaming reactor 3 is bursting the bubble on a new year

The beginning of a year always comes with hope--you can make plans and resolutions. On January 1, everything seems possible..

After I was done the traditional sauerkraut dinner today with family, I began thinking a bit about my own resolutions.  I have some hopes and dreams for better employment, to successful train a child to use a potty, and to attempt to stop a puppy from biting. There are some other personal aspirations that I'd rather not share with the world through a website..

The last thing I want to see are hopes dashed by some God awful world event.. we are victims too often to fate, evil, and plain old bad luck..

So when I saw a link posted on Drudge tonight about the United States government ordering 14 million doses of potassium iodide, it was unsettling. The source, of course, is Alex Jones' INFOWARS.. so there are some big iodized grains of salt I chose to take with the information..but the information shared there is directly from the government's FedBizOpps site..

I figured.. maybe this is normal.. Maybe this is alright.. Just another order on the federal site, and someone paranoid website owner took it the wrong way.

And then there is this.. A plume of mysterious smoke is rising from reactor 3 at Fukushima in Japan.. You can read more from RT.COM on that. 

But the information is very, very real..much to the horror of the world--whatever parts of that are actually paying attention to the Fukushima nightmare.
If you think that RT is not a valuable source of information, there are some others you may want to consider on this same developing story:
The ECOLOGIST does take into consideration some other possibilities, besides an apocalyptic meltdown, such as the smoke is happening because rain is hitting stray fuel elements. But the other portions of the story are more troubling: A meltdown may be taking place, or corium has reached groundwater and a complete meltdown has occurred, something that will reach the Pacific Ocean.

I have reported lots of Fukushima since 2011. Even though I have re-posted some horrid news about the events there, including recent information that Japan is not only silencing people telling the truth about the disaster, but also recruiting the homeless to clean up the radioactive mess, I have tried to believe that things will work out.. that Fukushima is a long-distance nightmare, something happening somewhere 'there' and its disturbing developments will not impose pain anywhere else. 

But those simply ways to tell myself everything is alright may be out the proverbial window with this information of strange smoke rising. 

I am not at the alarmist level just yet, with one of those 'bring out your dead' sources being Turner Radio Network telling people along the West Coast to prepare for an immediate meltdown at Fukushima.

The world was told this by TEPCO: The process of removing spent fuel rods was going to be delicate and dangerous.

There still may be some hope, though.. A website named FUKUSHIMAUPDATE.COM has a story running trying to tame down the flames of fear over the reactor 3 steam.. The site also offered up some more factual information, again, downplaying any cataclysmic event.. 

So ....all eyes on reactor 3. At least for whatever eyes are looking at it. Unless there are still journalists being told to keep quiet about what is happening at Fukushima..



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