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FREAKY FRIDAY: News headlines worth wincing, including the Pope with a stripper's parrot. Huh!?


I began 2014 with the resolution to 'save more money' and be healthier. I have spent more than I saved and probably wasn't as healthy as I was in December. What happens to resolutions?? Maybe I'll begin anew on Groundhog Day.

News flash: It's news time.. For better or worse.

Hard Knox: An Italian court has reinstated the murder convictions of Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito for the death of Meredith Kercher in 2007.. the verdict overturned the 2011 successful appeal..
What's next for "Foxy Knoxy"?
CNN reports: Despite Thursday's verdict, the case is not necessarily closed. Either side can appeal a verdict they are unhappy with, under Italy's three-strike trial system. This could also mean the case would continue with no immediate outcome..

If a disaster can strike with only 3 inches of snow in the South, it's worth asking what would a REAL crisis look like?

Drivers are finally returning to the highway to reclaim their abandoned cars..

Why the South fell apart when it snowed..

COME ON BABY LIGHT MY FIRE: Unless you lived under a rock, or in a snow bank, you have been seeing oodles upon oodles of videos posted within the last 48 hours of residents of the South trying to light their snow on fire.. There are rumors of "fake snow," and military geo-engineered precipitation.. The snow does not melt, and it turns black.. And ever since January 30, these videos have been going viral .. It appears very few people understand sublimation, which is most likely the culprit in most of the videos being posted.. Also people who are seeing this storm may never have seen snow in person before.. And finally, we have become a nation that sees long chemical trails being left in the sky and we have become paranoid.. But as Clyde Lewis asked on his radio show GROUND ZERO last night, why in the world did someone figure they'd try to light their snow on fire to begin with and how did this go viral!?
The snow can be as cold as hell, or as hot as fire.. BURN BABY BURN..

A massive storm of snow and rain is moving towards Britain.. it's also bringing 150 MPH winds.. you read that right, 150 MPH winds... it's being called "APOCALYPTIC" .. Storm Brigid is raging..

150 frozen SHARKS have been found along the Gulf Coast!

An activist in the Ukraine says he was tortured .. Even more weird: Ukraine President Yanukovych took an unexpected sick leave and told opposition leaders that it was now up to them to make concessions..

School SEIZES lunches from children and throws them away.. And it all happened with the 'district's nutrition manager' went to investigate the crimes against health that were occurring at the Utah school.. Some children had criminal low balances in their accounts..

START EARLY.. END LATE: CRYPTOKIDS NSA site seeks to create a new generation of spies..

The owner of a reputedly haunted house in Rhode Island depicted in the horror movie "The Conjuring" says the film has given her nothing but real-life nightmares. BUT not because of ghosts or demons.. instead, the owner says that people have trespassed on the property and posted the family's personal information online..

Body parts found along MI highway..

United States experimented with NUCLEAR FRACKING..

The Amazing Spider Man will have a teaser ad during the Super Bowl..

Seinfeld reunion in the works.. Now Jerry has no hair, George has hair, Kramer's a bigot.. as for Elaine? She still looks great..

First the Pope's peace doves were attacked by crows, and now this: Pope Francis blessed a male stripper and erotic actor's parrot.. The parrot's name is Amore. And Francesco Lombardi, the stripper, said, "A sort of mixing of the holy and the profane." Interesting..



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