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Knapp came back

George Knapp is like a cat.. he has 8 more lives to go.

Anyone who knows anything about George Knapp will know that he almost died of sepsis—this website was the first to report that weeks ago after learning the exclusive information directly from George Knapp himself. 
Last night, he came back to Coast to Coast AM for his Sunday hosting gig, and thank God he did. Most forget what good radio sounded like..
Knapp had Brad Steiger and Williams Birnes as guests to talk about the ‘other’ America and paranormal topics. It was a great show—and a great credit goes to Knapp for returning and explaining why he was absent his hosting duties since November. 
George Knapp is a great radio host and deserves as much appreciation as Art Bell.. people who listen to Coast to Coast AM know how lucky listeners are to have him.
Bravo Knapp. Glad you’re back..



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