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Life in the fast lane..

There are times when God makes himself quite evident. This morning, as the sun began shining over the mountain near my home base, I flipped on the TEE VEE only to discover that Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing—and he failed a DUI test.

NBC NEWS 6 in South Florida has some information on their channel.. He was in a rented Lamborghini when it all went down. Accroding to reports, the Beebs was spotted in different places around Miami in the past few days.. 
But as things go, and as fate evolves, life grows darker for the manchild. He now finds himself in custody..
Will he still keep up the act? Will he have that deranged tough boy accent? Will he walk hunched over like an ape? Will he laugh, and smile, and wink at the camera as his mug shot is snapped? Or will he became Justin Bieber minus the fame and fortune? Will he snap into the reality that once was pre-stardom? Will he just be Justin? 
I think too much programming and self induced mind control has occurred him ever to just be a kid named Justin again. He’s Bieber. With a fever.
In jail.



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