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No, Dr. Kaplan is not a professor. And no, Nibiru won't be here by August.

Heads up on a hoax: Nibiru is not going to strike earth by August, regardless of what any website told you »

The planet Nibiru is inbound again.
And again.
And again.
This time it’s going to be here by August, 2014.
At least that is what an email to me said today.. It amazed me that such news was abundant online, but no one alerted me to any news source actually reporting it. At this point, I am calling BS on this email and story..
The subject is none other than “Dr. Kaplan” and …well, he does not exist. As a matter of fact, the subject who made the video warning the planet of summertime doom said that the video was intended as a joke..
Too bad Kane Lynch does not realize how brutally angry Nibiru believers become when someone messes with their end of the world scenario. From Believer to Belieber. Maybe Nibiru believers will become that next…?



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